2 comments on “On Negative Behavior in Gaming

  1. Luckily I usually only play with friends so haven’t experienced much if any negativity on Overwatch. That being said I have encountered many negative and downright rude folk on Rocket League. I don’t know why we can’t just all get along, yes there is a competitive edge to gaming but that doesn’t mean folk have a right to be jerks. Keep on the good work

    • I am very curious how things will go once ranked matches come in. Right now it’s an extremely chill game without it, but I recognize the need for it in a game like this. Hopefully it remains, as I’ve had a pretty positive experience as well. The sad thing to me is if you’re upset with someone for not doing something they should be, the fix could be as easy as just calmly bringing it up. I noticed a tank all over the place today in a match and joked he was giving me a workout healing him and should try to stay close to the point. He acknowledged it and did it, the end (and then we won the match :P). No drama, just a heads up that someone can listen to or not. If they don’t listen, well, it’s just a match defeat, not the end of the world.

      I think I’ll always prefer playing with friends though, haha. You’re right, it is much less drama!

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