2 comments on “Games and Moral Choices

  1. Reminder to self: Play Undertale.

    As someone who will reload an RPG over and over again because DORIAN WON’T STOP MURDERING INNOCENT FENNECS, I totally understand and feel certain I would (or.. will?) make the same choice. Mercy always, says the brain. Even when the recipients are pixels.


    • Dang magic trigger happy Tevinter mages!

      Undertale honestly is going to hold a special place in my heart for a long time, I think. It’s not even just you spare everything, but you also sometimes have to figure ways to calm your opponents before you can spare them, since for all intents and purposes, all their defenses are up around you because of the game’s initial story.. It’s little touches like that that really grabbed my attention, along with such a great little cast of characters. If any of what I said sounds appealing, you’re probably going to end up loving it.

      Oh, and the music is great, too. 😉

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